PURGATOIRE - Passé Décomposé CD

PURGATOIRE - Passé Décomposé CD
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Newcomers PURGATOIRE (Purgatory in french) stands for Heaviness and goes straight to the jugular with their very first album "Passé Décomposé". Imagine a putrid mixture of old OBITUARY, HAIL OF BULLETS, BOLT THROWER and older CANNIBAL CORPSE and you are getting very close to what you can expect from these eastern Quebec purveyors of brutality. Awesome artwork, production and over the top guttural sick vocals from beyond the grave... no gimmicks, baggy pants and clean signing here... This is your worst nightmare put to disc... true fracking Death Metal. Enough said: Get killed now.


1.Passé décomposé 04:42
2.Purgatoire 04:26
3.Terreur Nocturne 04:14
4.Au Fond du Gouffre 04:05
5.Fatalité 04:00
6.Vengeance Primitive 04:17
7.Vie de Cercueil 03:43
8.Des Siècles a Décimer 03:30
9.Baribal Déchainé 04:02

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