IMPALER - The Gruesome Years CD

IMPALER - The Gruesome Years CD
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Compilation disc featuring the infamous "Rise of the Mutants" EP and "If We Had Brains... We'd Be Dangerous" debut LP plus unreleased demo material from the early "PMRC" days! 


Rise Of The Mutants EP
1 Shock Rock 
2 Crack That Whip 
3 Impaler 
4 Heaven's Force 
If We Had Brains...We'd Be Dangerous Album
5 Blood Bath 
6 Puppet Master 
7 City In Chains 
8 Wasteland 
9 Search And Destroy 
10 Assassin 
11 Speed Thrills 
12 Witch Queen 
13 Dancin' On The Edge 
14 Metal Messiah 
Bonus Demo Tracks
15 Vicious Dreams 
16 Island Of The Damned 
17 Who Runs The Asylum 
18 Breathing Down Your Back 
19 City In Chains 
20 Speed Thrills 
21 Blood Bath 
22 Search and Destroy 
23 Dancing On The Edge 
24 Puppet Master 
25 Metal Messiah

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