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BIRTH A.D. - I Blame You CD
Classic crossover mid-80's thrash! Blistering neck pain guaranteed! Tracklist: 1   &..
CD version of the Satanic Records split tape. Tracklist: 1 –Black Angel (7) Rites 7:23 2 –Bla..
BLACK TORMENT - Bloody Signs Of Devastation CD
Satanic black thrash from Mexico. Tracklist: 1 Subterraneus Profundus Maledicto  2 Black..
BLACK TORMENT - Ten Years of Blasphemy CD
Compilation disc spanning a decade of Satanic perversion and lust! Tracklist: 1 The Rise Of He..
BLACKENED - Truth Behind Destruction CD
In the face of adversity, these Brazilian maniacs have delivered one hell of a great Thrash album! “..
BLACKENED - Underground Attack MCD
This young band from Brazil has joined the Brewmistress on her mighty Thrash crusade! To bridge the ..
BLACKEVIL - Hail The Cult CD
German Black/Thrash Metal for Fans of Cruel Force, Nocturnal, Desaster. Tracklist: 1 Burning Cro..
BLACKWYCH - Out of Control CD
Heavy Metal from Ireland, first time on CD, originally released on vinyl back in 1986 . Tracklist..
BLIND GUARDIAN - Imaginations From The Other Side CD
The fifth release from these German power metal lords. Recorded by famed Metallica producer Flemming..
BLIND GUARDIAN - The Forgotten Tales CD
Blind Guardian's masterpiece ""The Forgotten Tales."" Incredible J.R.R. Tolkien inspired music with ..
'Headshot!' has become a nice thrash metal effort. The production is quite OK and the songs are much..
BLIZZARD - F*ck the Universe CD
Black´n Roll/Speed/Thrash Metal from Germany Tracklist: 1. Beyond Live 2. My Name is Pain 3...
BLIZZARD - Rock and Roll Overkill CD
2011 album of the German thrash/speed metal masters in the vein of Wehrmacht and Tankard. Recommende..
BLIZZARD - The Roaring Tanks of Armageddon CD
The second full length album of the German thrash/speed metal masters in the vein of Wehrmacht and T..
BLIZZARD Alcoholic Firetigers DVD
On the DVD you will find the complete show from May 2012 in Stuttgart, impressions from the United M..
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