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AGATHOCLES - Black Clouds Determinate CD
Selfmadegod Records has started the reissue series of complete AGATHOCLES catalog including full len..
May 2011, two months after the FUKUSHIMA-desaster, Belgian mincers AGATHOCLES go to JAPAN for tourin..
AGATHOCLES - mincecore history 1985-1990 CD
Another part of AG history, this time including 50 songs in 72 minutes. This has songs from the spli..
AGATHOCLES - mincecore history 1989-1993 CD
41 live and studio-songs from 1989-1993 within 74 minutes, the splits with NYCTOPHOBIC, KOMPOST, ..
AGATHOCLES - mincecore history 1993-1996 CD
Selfmadegod Records proudly unveil the follow-up to Agathocles' Mince Core History 1985-90 and 19..
AGATHOCLES - Mincecore History 96-97 CD
The fourth installment of the amazing Selfmadegod series featuring hard to find songs from long o..
AGATHOCLES - Mincecore History 97-99 CD
  The fifth installment of the amazing Selfmadegod series featuring hard to find songs f..
AGATHOCLES - Peel Sessions CD
The cult grind band AGATHOCLES from Belgium releases "Peel Sessions"! A 15-song never-heard-befor..
AGATHOCLES - This is not a threat, it's a promise CD
  the brand new studio album "This is Not a Threat, It’s a Promise" by the cult grind “m..
ANTIGAMA - Aintellect made us blind CD
Selfmadegod is confirmed to re-release the debut album of this exceedingly talented and innovative e..
ANTIGAMA - zeroland CD
Polish tremendous quartet Antigama takes another step forward with its third full length album "Zero..
  Antigama from Warsaw, Poland and Drugs Of Faith from Virginia, USA team up for a split..
BLOOD I BLEED - High Octane Thrash CD
Inspired by renown acts like Heresy, Intense Degree or S.O.B., to name a few. Influenced by the 80's..
CATHETER - dimension 303 CD
Three years after their crushing debut album, Denver's cantankerous trio return bringing their sopho..
CATHETER - preamble to oblivion CD
Finally brand new Catheter's full length is here. This has 18 songs of brutal masterful Colorado gri..
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