Armee de la Morte

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DARKNËSS - The ultimate prophecy 2xCD
DARKNËSS was performing a truly authentic and often epic Heavy Metal, in the tradition of the legend..
DEEP VEIN / HYPOKRAS - Ancestral Death Metal Terror CD
DEEP VEIN from Pictavia and HYPOKRAS from Occitania unite to deliver exclusive tracks of ancient ..
DISABLED - When all is slayed (2xCD)
FINALLY AVAILABLE, The complete Discography CD of this amazing Death Metal band from France!!!! DISA..
IRON SLAUGHT - Crusading Metal Mercenaries CD
Intense Heavy/Speed Metal coming from the inmost depths of Bigorra. Impossible to escape from these ..
KLOOTZAK - Bloodlust CD
First album from the Pictavian gods of Heavy Metal, traditional, epic and catchy, with a fantasti..
MANZER - Pictavian Invasion in Asia CD
This record is a selection of songs that MANZER performed during an Asian tour in November 2010 (..
NOMED - Thrashing Insanity 2xCD
Here is the discography from this insane Norman Thrash Metal band, from 1984 to 1989. This double CD..
ÖRDÖG - The Art of Nihilism CD
Over 50 minutes of raw Black Metal in its most chaotic and harshest form, straight from the bowels o..
SALEM - Ancient Spells of the Witch (2xCD)
SALEM was a Heavy Metal band come from the land of the rising sun, influenced by the NWOBHM but prac..
SHUD - Rot in Pieces (2xCD)
Shud belonged to the great era of Death / Thrash Metal in France, alongside CATACOMB, MERCYLESS..
TORK RAN - Tales of Death (2xCD)
The recordings of the legendary Pictavian Speed/Thrash Metal band now available as a double CD editi..
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