Black Seeds

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DISCOVER - stench of death CD
Swedish punks with 8 new tracks plus 6 cover song from  -Shitlickers, Doom, BOD, Discard and mi..
DISTRUST - World of Tomorrow CD
Singaporean crusties with 17 tracks full of d-beat/crust in vein of early Doom/ENT :: 8 pages boo..
PROJECT HOPELESS - Valkommen till var sopfyllda fabrik CD
This is a political hardcore raw punk band from Malmo Sweden. They have  a touch of fast Swedis..
RATTUS - 30th Anniversary CD
No need introduction, long timer Finnish punk. 23 track full of unreleased stuff ..
SKULLCRUSHER - darkness falls  CD
punks heavily influence from Anti Cimex (Raped Ass + Victims of Bombraid) and touch of Amebix rif..
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