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ABYSSAL - Anchored CD
Funeral Doom Metal from México., 2015 release. For fans of Esoteric, Shape of Despair, Evo..
ANNIMAL MACHINE - This place where the dead speak with the living CD
Sludge Doom from México, the band debut release. For fans of Cathedral, Melvins, YOB Tr..
BLASART - The Art of Blasphemy CD
Debut full-length album by Chilean Black Metal band. One of the most fucking evil Metal Beasts from..
CHAOS SYNOPSIS - Seasons of Red CD
Thrash Metal from Brazil. For fans of Sepultura, Chakal and Vulcano. Includes 1 bonus track (no..
DANTALION - Call of the Broken Souls CD
Depressive Black Metal for fans of Forgotten Tomb, Shining, Lifelover ! Tracklist: 1 &nbs..
DEATH LEVEL - A Tribute to Madness CD
Brutal Death Metal from México, the band debut release. For fans of Dying Fetus, Deeds of ..
DEKAPITED - Nacidos Del Odio CD (Mexican Version)
Thrash Metal from Chile. 1st full length. 100% mandatory for fans of Slayer, Sepultura, Demolition H..
DISRUPTED - A Presence So Obscure CD
Death Metal from México, the band debut release. For fans of Cancer, Benediction, Master Tracklis..
Brutal, evil death metal from Mexico Reissue 2013 - Original 2010 Tracklist: 1.  Satanic..
HACAVITZ - Darkness Beyond CD
The new album is a musical departure for HACAVITZ. While long players like 2005's Venganza, 2007's K..
Perfectly executed Scandinavian styled D-Beat crust’n’roll from Mexico. “Demonios” is the standout t..
HYMEN OF DARKNESS - Unholy Total Hate... Fuck You All CD
New jewel of a twisted vision to create Black Metal into the old school, corrosive and rough soun..
The very first superior mexican metal compilation is finally available! This first release brings..
INSEPULTO - Morbid Spawn of Resurrection CD
Emerging from the depths, INSEPULTO has resurrected with the sole purpose of CORRUPTING THE RIGHTEOU..
LOBOTOMY - Legions of Beelzebub CD
Real Satanic Death Metal! One of the strongest bands in the Argentina scene, their last work will be..
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