Witches Brew

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ACID AGE - Drone Shark Ethics CD
In true Witches Brew fashion the Brewmistress has unearthed a very special brew of Hyper Thrash cros..
ALITOR - Eternal Depression CD
Following their demo EP from 2012, this debut full length for Witches Brew from young Serbians ALITO..
AMOK - Downhill Without Brakes CD
After a batch of home brewed demos these fun loving, hard thrashing lads from Glasgow Murder City ha..
AMOK - Somewhere In The West CD
The patches have aligned perfectly for the reunion of Witches Brew and Scotland’s purveyers of fine ..
BLACKENED - Truth Behind Destruction CD
In the face of adversity, these Brazilian maniacs have delivered one hell of a great Thrash album! “..
BLACKENED - Underground Attack MCD
This young band from Brazil has joined the Brewmistress on her mighty Thrash crusade! To bridge the ..
DEVIL LEE ROT - Hellscraper / A Little Devil Ain't Enough CD
With music deeply rooted in occult NWOBHM sounds like WITCHFYNDE, CLOVEN HOOF or ANGEL WITCH and voc..
DEVIL LEE ROT - Metal Dictator/Soldier from Hell  CD
Another excellent 2 on 1 release by the master of Blackend Heavy Metal still faithfully sticking to ..
EXCIMER - Thrash From Fire CD
From the exotic far reaches of Alexandria, Egypt comes the mighty 5 headed Thrash beast EXCIMER! Thi..
GAMA BOMB - Survival Of The Fastest CD (German Version)
The fantastic debut full length from Northern Ireland based Speed Thrashers GAMA BOMB! On “Survival ..
As the 80s were drawing their last breath and most people had moved on to Death Metal, Grunge or lef..
IMMACULATE - Thrash, Kill 'N' Deströy CD
Spawned from the unholy communion of early Raven and bands such as DARK ANGEL, HOLY TERROR and DEATH..
INSULTER - Crypts Of Satan CD
German Black/Thrash ! The infusion of Doom and Death elements here and there make this a truly uniqu..
LETHAL SHÖCK - Evil Aggressor CD
Chicago trio LETHAL SHÖCK drinks from the purest well of Heavy Metal glory and pisses out their own ..
MADGOYA - Put Olindrali Avlijanera CD
Goya, the mythical Serbian dark lord of beer demands souls and these guys from the dank beer cellars..
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