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NIGHTBREED - Nightbreed CD
Are you still listening to classic records like “Bonded By Blood” or “Pleasure To Kill” and wonder w..
PYÖVELI - Not A God, Just An Executioner CD
For those that finally recovered from the tire iron to the groin that was “The New Renaissance…” hav..
PYÖVELI - Still Underground CD
After a far too long (but well worth it) wait, that nasty spiked mail bat has made its third trip fr..
PYÖVELI - The New Renaissance Of Speed & Thrash Metal CD
Maniacal, neckbreaking Finnish Thrash for fans of the old German sound! Demonically possessed vocals..
SABOTER - Saboter CD
The Brewmistress has uncovered a hidden gem in Greek newcomers SABOTER! This debut 5 track EP is whe..
SALUTE - The Underground CD
From the dark damp cellars of Bristol, so deep in ' The Underground ' that the graffiti on the dunge..
SAURON - Satanic Assassins CD
The ' Lords Of Slaughter And Warfare ' are at it again and their sophmore campaign demonstrates t..
Getting pounded by the heavy oldschool Death Metal of ' Bitterness ' or floating away on an atmosphe..
SPEEDWHORE - The Future Is Now CD
The ominous Requiem Mass is answered by The Call and the Grand War begins… Much has been written abo..
Have you ever wondered where the balls of 80s Metal disappeared to? The Brewmistress has the answer,..
STONE MAGNUM - From Time... To Eternity DCD
Witches Brew has teamed up with Michigan City, Indiana’s dictators of doom (featuring Dean Tavernier..
THRASHIT - Kaiser Of Evil CD
Vicious Thrash forged and tempered in Malaysia! Witches Brew proudly presents this debut full length..
TOXICA - Ahogados en Contaminacion CD
“Ahogados En Contamanicion” (“Drowning In Pollution”) is the debut full length of this Argentinian b..
TUMOURBOY - Damaged System CD
The system is damaged and to tell the tale are these 4 Thrash addicted hooligans from China! With cr..
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