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	PEST - Nekrolog (2xCD)
Double CD compilation of legendary German black metallers Pest. Tracklist: Part.1 Triumph Of D..
ABIGAIL (Japan) - Intercourse & Lust CD
Korean edition Tracklist: 1. A Witch Named Aspilcuetta  4:32 2. Confound Eternal  &..
ANATOMIA - Dissected Humanity CD
Death/Doom Metal band from Tokyo (Japan) formed in 2002. Tracks 1 to 9 recorded in spring-summer of..
COFFINS - Buried Death CD
Doom / death metal from Tokyo, Japan, formed 1996. Track 9,10 Recorded Live in 013 Tilburg/Netherla..
ELFFOR - Buruzagi Ilunaren Bilduma (2xCD)
Great double disc compilation of cult Spanish black metal act Elffor! Contains over two hours of pur..
ELFFOR - Malkhedant CD
Reissue of the sold out 7th full length. Considered by many fans the best ELFFOR album, it comes com..
IMPURITY - The Legend of Goat CD
Legends of the Goat“ is a selection of the most extreme sounds of the most satanic band in Brazil, c..
MASTER - Slaves to Society CD
Master is one of the earliest bands in the world labeled as death metal and still going strong with ..
SABBAT (Japan) - Envenom CD
Black/Thrash Metal, Fallen Angels Productions / GAIA with 12 pages boklet, Limited Edition. Trac..
SABBAT (Japan) - Evoke CD
The Re-release of a real rare classic! SABBAT's second unholy sabbatical attack. Darker and faster t..
SABBAT (Japan) - Fetishism CD
Korean edition.12page Booklet in Jewelcase,  Tracklist: 1. Disembody to the Abyss  0..
SABBAT (Japan) - Karisma CD
12 Page booklet in Jewel Case Bonus Track Taken from "Asian Halmageddon" 7" EP Tracklist: 1 亡..
SABBAT (Japan) - The Dwelling CD
Korean edition Tracklist: 1. The Melody Of Death Mask 2. The Melody Of Death Mask (Live) &nb..
SABBAT - Disembody CD
New version of the third stuido album. Includes bonus tracks  (Taken from "The Devil's Spe..
SABBAT / IMPURITY - Rage and Horrors CD
IMPURITY is a Black Metal band from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais/Brazil. Formed by Ram Priest and Sh..
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