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ANCIENT DEATH - Cult of Death CD
The old death squadron warriors, throw their second plate in studio, this work is crude black metal ..
BLACK COMMUNION - Vomit of Azathoth CD
First full length of this damn band from Barranquilla, Colombia !! 8 tracks of pure and raw black me..
CRY - Phsicofonia CD
Classic of the Ecuadorian Death Metal the demolishing demo Phsicofonia of 1991 reedited and mastered..
DEMENTORS - Torment of the Black Synod CD
Black Thrash vomited in Chile, first full length of these damn maniacs Loaded with power and rawness..
DESALMATVS - Manifestvm CD
From the dark lands of the Chaos Valley, DESALMATVS releases its first grimoire, 7 cursed verses ful..
INCARNATUS/MALACATUS - La Orden del Culto Negro CD
This material was invoked by two entities on spreading the dark stain of evil in an abandoned and ho..
METAL KING - Circle Through Cronicles CD
A wave of traditional heavy metal with speed and black metal passages which has characterized this b..
For the first time in audio -and complete- the first concert of REENCARNACIÓN, dated September 19, 1..
Split cd with two of Colombia's most belligerent speed metal bands. Skull and Virgin killer create a..
SPIRAL WHEEL - Resurrection for Revenge CD
Heavy Metal with great influence of the 80´s !!! Demolishing riffs, aggressive drummer for unbridled..
TERRORSAW - Slaughterrrites CD
Black Death Thrash Metal from Italy !!! First Assault of these damn vomited under the black command ..
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