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ANCIENT CREATION - Moonlight Monument CD
  Heavy metal in its purest form with no concern for being modern or trendy. The only go..
BLACKSMITH - Strike While the Iron's Hot CD
Fantastic re-issue with 13 tracks of raw 80s metal ..
DEMONTUARY - Of The Fallen Years CD
Originally formed as Of The Fallen, this band, now called Demontuary, finds their early work coll..
DOGBANE - Residual Alcatraz CD
  This North Carolina five piece emerges on the scene with a nice slab of traditional he..
OVERLORD - Back Into the Dragon's Lair CD
This Canadian band operated between 1984 and 1993, and this CD collects 16 songs displaying their br..
RITUAL - The Ancient Tome CD
This New Jersey band operated in the mid and late '80s, producing pure American heavy metal. The ..
THUNDERSTICK - Echoes from the Analogue Asylum CD
  For those who may not be familiar with the infamous Barry ‘Thunderstick' Graham he played ..
TWISTED TOWER DIRE - The Curse Of Twisted Tower CD
KICK ASS double disc set. Newly re-mastered and superior to the original recordings. Plus nex artwor..
As previously announced, Heaven and Hell Records will be re-releasing 2001’s The Isle of Hydra. The ..
WITCHES MARK - A Grim Apparition CD
  Formed in late 2005; the six piece of metal traditionalist Witches Mark consist of cur..
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