Sentinel Steel

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ATTACKER - The Second Coming+3 bonus tracks CD
Awesome US traditional power speed metal--the band really upped the excitement and the pacing on ..
AXEHAMMER - Windrider CD
The Metal Giant rises once again! Traditional USA power metal at its best, with absolutely no "moder..
CYPHER SEER - Awakening Day CD
A stunning debut album of crunchy US power metal with great melodies, amazing guitarwork and pass..
GOTHIC KNIGHTS - kngdom of the knights CD
Fantastic US traditional power metal with blazing guitarwork and high range vocals, built on the leg..
SACRED OATH - Darkness Visible CD
Brand new album 'Darkness Visible' by 1980s unique US dark trad power metal legends SACRED OATH is a..
STEEL ASSASSIN - War of the Eight Saints CD
Formed as a cover band in 1980, the group officially became STEEL ASSASSIN in 1983, appearing on Met..
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