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AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED - Bestial Machinery (2xCD)
Bestial Machinery is a new terminal vision representing a vast work of utterly uncompromised will..
BENUMB -  Withering Strands of Hope CD
Withering Strands of Hope assails the listener with hostile hardcore/grind and is a grand platform f..
BLOOD DUSTER - Str8OuttaNorthcote CD
Northcote's own Blood Duster sunk to new lows for the second full-length Str8outtanorthcote. No t..
BRUTAL TRUTH - Evolution Through Revolution CD
Brutal Truth returns after 10 + years with Evolution through Revolution, yet another classic in the ..
The Rest, the first official collection of all of the bands splits, demos, vinyl-only EPs and pre..
Boston's crust-hardcore kings Disrupt ground out ferocious music in their short but furious exist..
ENEMY SOIL - Casualties of Progress CD
Enemy Soil fused the sonic violence of grind with the politically and socially progressive ideologie..
Originally recorded in 1994, and released on Godflesh mastermind Justin Broadrick's Avalanche Record..
HEMDALE - Rad Jackson CD
This the long awaited official discography from Ohio's legendary death/grind fiends Hemdale! Rad Jac..
HIGH ON FIRE - Blessed Black Wings CD
Massive power trio High on Fire are a supersonic exercise in conquest by volume. Equal parts molten ..
MORTICIAN - Darkest day of horror CD
Heinous horror-lords Mortician reanimate the golden age of low-budget splatter, hammering home grues..
MORTICIAN - Domain of Death CD
Unrelentingly grim and gruesome death metal that fractures the speed of sound. Continuing to morph b..
MORTICIAN - Hacked Up for Barbeque/Zombie Apocalypse CD
The Hacked Up for Barbeque/Zombie Apocalypse era is widely considered by Mortician fans as the apex ..
NAPALM DEATH - Leaders not Followers CD
Leaders Not Followers is a tribute to the bands that Napalm Death cite as influences to their ground..
NASUM - Grind Finale (2xCD)
Grind Finale is a comprehensive two-CD compilation that gathers all of Nasum's non-album tracks, ..
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