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ACCION MUTANTE - The Complete DIScography CD
The complete discography from this crusty grindcore / metal band from Germany. This cd has their ..
AUDIO KOLLAPS - music from an extreme sick world CD
Audio Kollaps play a style of music which is a cross breed between Death Metal, Grindcore and Total ..
BEYOND DESCRIPTION - a road to a brilliant future CD
Full-throttle speedy thrash from Japan - fuck, this record rules. This is archetypal thrash, quin..
CRIPPLE BASTARDS - your lies in check CD
Cripple Bastards have been at it for well over a decade now and we have decided to re-release their ..
DESPITE - no promise of tomorrow CD
This disconsin band plays heavy with a gnarled style. The vocals are extremely deep and gruff. Th..
DISGUST - the horror of it all CD
Disgust have been around the block a few times now, releasing records on both Earache and Nuclear..
DISKONTO - Diskontography CD
Diskonto have been at it since 1992 and have consistently released quality Records since. This is..
DISKONTO - watch us burn CD
They've pretty much always had a tendency for creating dis-loving crust, but this is by far the m..
DRESDEN - Final Hour CD
  The first full length album from the latest addition to the Wisconsin crust punk panth..
DRILLER KILLER - And the Winner is CD
13 tracks of devastating Swedish hardcore played with unmatched brutality and experience. Thick m..
DRILLER KILLER - Cold Cheap and Disconnected  CD
This is Driller Killer's sixth full length and it follows the progression that you see in their s..
DRILLER KILLER - Fuck the World CD
These guys are really hard to categorize. There's aspects of metal, punk, crust, hardcore, thrash..
Reality Bites is Driller Killer's fourth full length and has a noticeable style alteration from t..
DRILLER KILLER - Total Fucking Brutalized CD
Total Fuckin' Brutalized is a combination of Driller Killer's first two albums Total Fucking Hate an..
END OF ALL - Same Shit but Different CD
Sweden's END OF ALL features an ex member of WOLFPACK and on "Same Shit But Different" knocks the..
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