DECADENCE WITHIN - Reflections (2xCD)

DECADENCE WITHIN - Reflections (2xCD)
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Mainstays of the UK Hardcore scene for over a decade, with two albums for Peaceville and a brace of singles, DECADENCE WITHIN were ahead of their time in many ways..bassist Ian Glasper went on to STAMPING GROUND as well as being a respected punk writer. "REFLECTIONS" compiles 49 rare, studio demo and unreleased tracks over 2 discs!

CD 1 
1. High and Mighty 2. Bloodlust of the Wealthy
3. Where's a Solution? 
4. Chase the Dragon
5. Atrocity
6. So Much for Their Law
7. When You Stop Buying, They'll Stop Dying
8. Intro 
9. Reflections 10.Breath of Fresh Air 
11.We Could Be 
12.Crushing of the Intellect
15.War Is Here (And Now) 
16.Self Respect 
18.When Will We Open Our Eyes?
19.Everything's Just Fine 
21.Long Time to Wait 
22.Men Who Play God 
23.War Isn't Fun Anymore 
24.Oppressive Leaders
25.Public Blood 
1. Turncoat
2. Time Is the Killer
3. Movements 
4. Cold Embrace 
5. Say What You Mean 
6. Never 
7. Road 
8. Get a Life
9. Room Upstairs 
10.Investment Sex 
11.Keep the Temple Pure 
13.Inside from the Start 
14.In Pain We Trust
15.Heed My Warning
16.Judge Jury Executioner
17.Joe Public 
18.He Ain't Heavy 
20.So Much for Their Law 
21.War Is Here (And Now)

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