ACID AGE - Drone Shark Ethics CD

ACID AGE - Drone Shark Ethics CD
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In true Witches Brew fashion the Brewmistress has unearthed a very special brew of Hyper Thrash crossover insanity from BelFAST! There’s definitely something in the water there that breeds speed! Throughout the 13 blistering tracks, this trio of maniacs shift from quick to quicker, leaving you thoroughly thrashed and breathless! Features a very special guest appearance from Felix Griffen (Ex-D.R.I., BAT, KRIGBLAST)! Highly recommended for fans of WEHRMACHT, D.R.I., TANKARD, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, EXCEL or THE ACCÜSED!


1.Knight Of The Living Shred 01:13
2.F.T.P.L. (Fuck The Poor Legislation) 01:38
3.Hyper Thrash 02:47
4.Fall On Your Sword 02:11
5.Charles Gein 02:37
6.Drone Shark Ethics 01:43
7.50.000 Robot Archers 02:50
8.Big Long Song 00:18
9.No Place To Skate 03:05
10.Women With No W 03:48
11.Septic Butcher 01:56
12.U.F.A. Attack 02:35
13.Hound Dog (featuring Felix Griffin)

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