MADGOYA - Put Olindrali Avlijanera CD

MADGOYA - Put Olindrali Avlijanera CD
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Goya, the mythical Serbian dark lord of beer demands souls and these guys from the dank beer cellars of Novi Sad are eager to do their master’s bidding. “Put Olindrali Avlijanera” features alcohol soaked Thrash somewhere between S.O.D. and old TANKARD and songs like Duha Je Ostavila Devojka?! or Prdnio U Fenjer! will leave no throat dry and no neck unsnapped! Includes as bonus their “Number Of The Beers” CDR from 2003, remastered, plus a video for ‘Duha Je Ostavila Devojka’


1    Intro    
2    Annonimy Alkiholiky    
3    Prdnio u fenjer    
4    Duha je ostavila devojka    
5    Metalni Bog (Bombarder cover)    
6    Milk (S.O.D. cover)    
7    High On Alcohol    
8    Za cugu mi dajemo glave    
9    U poteru za Brljetom    
10    Countess Bathory (Venom cover)

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