GAMA BOMB - Survival Of The Fastest CD (German Version)

GAMA BOMB - Survival Of The Fastest CD (German Version)
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The fantastic debut full length from Northern Ireland based Speed Thrashers GAMA BOMB! On “Survival Of The Fastest”, previously only available as a self released CDR, fiends and mad scientists alike can relish in songs showing influence from bands like AGENT STEEL, DRI, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, ANTHRAX and TANKARD. Prepare to Thrash your skulls as the almighty Hell Trucker with his Steel Teeth (The Metal Jaw) take you on a ride of a lifetime!


1    Zombie Creeping Flesh    2:41
2    Steel Teeth (The Metal Jaw)    2:45
3    Zombie Kommand    2:49
4    Atomizer    3:13
5    Fortified Zone    2:15
6    Racists!    3:33
7    Scientists?    2:39
8    Hell Trucker    2:14
9    Nuke The Skeets    0:13
10    Skellington Crew    3:06
11    Bullet Belt    3:49
12    The Survival Option    2:11
13    M.A.D.    2:34 


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