BLACKSLASH - Sinister Lightning CD

BLACKSLASH - Sinister Lightning CD
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Old-School-Heavy-Metal, that’s what the five guys around bass player Alec Trojan stand for. At this a galloping bass reminds you on Iron Maiden; two-part guitars let you travel time into the golden era of Thin Lizzy, while the melodious singing of front man Clemens Haas takes control over your mind.  By the release of “Separate But Equal” they succeeded in becoming the most charismatic rock act in their region and attracted the local’s press attention to themselves. Now it's time for the second full lenght album, named "Sinister Lightning" via Iron Shield Records.


1. Empire Rising
2. Lucifer's Reign
3. Stellar Master
4. Edge Of The World
5. Rock 'n' Roll
6. Steel Stallions
7. Wild And Free
8. Made Of Steel
9. Don't Touch Me

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