AXEVYPER - Into the Serpent's Den CD

AXEVYPER - Into the Serpent's Den CD
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Axevyper’s sound exists in a realm similar to bands like Satan, Raven, Agent Steel, ADX, Voltax, Metal Grave, Portrait, and Rocka Rollas in that it exists between the earlier predominantly British metal of the 80′s and both the thrash and power metal that would be borne of it. Like the better revival metal bands however they’re able to balance out the titular high velocity delivery of this genre with the refinement brought by those revisiting the style decades down the line.


1.    Brothers of the Black Sword    06:54     
2.    Metal Tyrant    04:00     
3.    Soldiers of the Underground    04:55     
4.    The Adventurer    07:36     
5.    Under the Pyramids    04:08     
6.    Spirit of the Wild    04:58     
7.    Solar Warrior    04:08     
8.    Beyond the Gates of the Silver Key    08:50

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