DEATHRAGE - Down In The Depth Of Sickness CD

DEATHRAGE - Down In The Depth Of Sickness CD
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Brutal old school thrash from Italy! Deathrage was a legendary band from the late 80's and "Down in the depth of sickness" is their second, and sadly latest, album, released in 1990. Their style was a great mix of influences, going from the devastating moshing speed of D.R.I., Nuclear Assault to the thick thrashing attitude of the Teutonic legends, especially Kreator and Destruction, everything mixed up with an old good speeding attitude a-la Venom or Motorhead. A comparison with fellow thrashers Bulldozer is not far from truth. If you're into primordial thrashing metal, Deathrage is a solid addition to your collection and will make you discover a hidden gem in the Italian underground. This special repress features seven songs from their 1992 demos as a bonus!!!


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