SPEEDBÖOZER - Speedböozer CD

SPEEDBÖOZER - Speedböozer CD
Brand: EBM Records (The Thrash is Back Series)
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EBM records presents the 31th offering of the "Thrash is Back" Series.
Tired and fed up with the pathetic, sterile "Metal" scene now-a-days and the popularity of Emo/Hipster/Scenster/Fag -core music, Count von Emoslayer decided to recruit some die hards into a raw, filthy and primitive project named Speedböozer. In the vein of Motörhead and Venom, the trio set out to create some of the most raw, aggressive, and pissed off Punk Metal these parts have ever seen. Taking the love for raw Punk bands such as Discharge, Disorder, G.B.H. and The Exploited and molding it into the love for Motorhead, Venom and Warfare (along with a healthy dose of post-apocalyptic films and 1%er Biker Culture). Speedböozer is the fist in the face of modern music and a middle finger at all the fashionable, trendy Emo kids. Fuck off to technical, sweep picking, "look at me", break down playing pretentious pricks and show offs. FUCK YOU. Distortion and deafness! Raw, violent, and primitive! We are the atomic bastards of the modern age. We are... the mighty SPEEDBOOZER!!!
Track List
1. Back on the road
2. Drop the nukes
3. Metal punk
4. Violence & noize
5. Crank it up
6. Live free - stay wild
7. PKH
8. Gunned down
9. Heavy Artillery (Tank cover)
10. Maximum force
11. Speedboozer


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