MOSH-PIT JUSTICE - Mosh-Pit Justice CD

MOSH-PIT JUSTICE - Mosh-Pit Justice CD
Brand: EBM Records (The Thrash is Back Series)
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EBM records presents the 32th offering of the "Thrash is Back" Series.
Combining Power, Progressive, Thrash and Doom Mosh-Pit Justice has become one of the most interesting old school Metal projects that the current Metal Scene has to offer. After 2 self produced EPs the band has joined our roster to release their debut album which Blur the lines between technical, Bay area-style Thrash, traditional Heavy Metal and European Power Metal.
This is a very strong and convincing debut release, featuring some inspired guitar work and memorable songs. George Peichev's vocals are very powerful and distinctive, and the music is generally more original and stronger than what many other bands have to offer.
Every song hitting the sweet spot between hook and riff, this album is a triumph and a promising step in future of this amazing Metal Band !!
If you are a fan of bands such as Forbidden, Overkill, Exodus and Sanctuary then this album is a must !!
Track List
1. Celestial cry
2. Pray to me
3. Blood of the tyrant
4. Crucify
5. In dollar we trust
6. The serpent
7. I stand in fire
8. Wicked messiah
9. Dark angel
10. Posers genocide


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