ASSAULTER - Meat Grinder CD

ASSAULTER - Meat Grinder CD
Brand: EBM Records (The Thrash is Back Series)
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EBM records presents the 46th offering of the "Thrash is Back" Series.

Assaulter has continued to evolve since its fantastic EP debut into one of the most lethal forces in thrash, and delivers a monumental debut full length in "Meat Grinder". Taking the hyper fast riffs and ambitious leanings of "Crushed by Raging Mosh" and tempering them with pure, unrelenting violence. The result is a unique hybrid strain of thrash and extreme metal that ranges from all-out speed assaults such as "Meat Grinder " and "Terror World " to the more elaborated and intrincated "Liesocracy." Assaulter makes a triumphant step forward on this record, it's an absolute must for anyone into Thrash Metal today.

The artillery attacks from the first track, and like a tornado the band continues their assault through 10 non-stop metal barrages that will leave you eager for more !!.

100% mandatory for fans of Bonded By Blood, Merciless Death, Fueled by Fire, Gama Bomb and Suicidal Angels.


1. Assaulter 
2. Meat grinder 
3. Dead end siding 
4. Terror world 
5. L.M.T. 
6. Liesocracy 
7. Mind control 
8. Pay to play
9. After the countdown 
10. Bestial vomit


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