BLACK TORMENT - Ten Years of Blasphemy CD

BLACK TORMENT - Ten Years of Blasphemy CD
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Compilation disc spanning a decade of Satanic perversion and lust!


1 The Rise Of Hellish Fire 
2 Unholy Hymns To The Triumph 
3 Ejaculation Over The Face Of Christ 
4 Hell Praise Satan 
5 Satanic Holocaust 
6 Imperial Satanic March 
7 Angel Of The Abyss 
8 Freezing Moon 
9 Enemies Of The Sun 
10 Empire Of Hate 

- Track 1 Taken from EP 7" "United Forces of Blasphemy".
- Track 2 & 3 Taken from CD "Satanic Holocaust" 2007- Old Cemetery Recs.
- Track 4 Unreleased track recorded December 2007".
- Track 5 "Live in Morbid Fest V" San Luis Potosi 2007".
- Track 6 Taken from MCD "Black Metal Supremacy" 2005 Dark Medieval Prods.
- Track 7 & 8 Taken from CD "Angel of the Abyss" 2003.
- Track 9 Taken from Demo by "Honor, Blood and Black Faith" 2000 Infected Voice Prods Peru.
- Track 10 Taken from Demo/Rehearsal "The Comming of Cold Darkness" 1999)

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