RED RAZOR - The Revolution Continues CD

RED RAZOR - The Revolution Continues CD
RED RAZOR - The Revolution Continues CD
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Red Razor's "The Revolution Continues" is a reference to that of their debut, ‘Beer Revolution’. This sophomore effort is a collection of eight thoroughly enjoyable thrash attacks that will appeal to fans of the genre who not only appreciate solid performances but those which also come with a slightly tongue-in-cheek approach, especially in the lyrical department.
All eight songs are very well written, with a good sense of pacing and the invaluable use of light and shade to keep the listeners’ attention, and the performances are exemplary, with solid rhythms underpinning the twin guitar attack, which seers as much as it soars as the two axemen neartly swap lead duties, and all aided by a spot-on production. The result is an album with plenty of fire in its belly and a hugely entertaining listening experience.
If you haven’t heard the band before and are looking for reference points, then think the likes of Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust and Sacred Reich, with heavy references to Suicidal Tendencies and early Anthrax.


1 The revolution continues
2 For those about to thrash
3 Violent times
4 Born in South America
5 R.I.P. Democracy
6 Sour power
7 Brewtal mosh
8 The sadist

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