MACHETAZO - Mundo Cripta CD

MACHETAZO - Mundo Cripta CD
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The latest macabre opus of horrifying old school death-infested grindcore, ‘Mundo Cripta' from Spain's infamous horror grinders, Machetazo! This grim, grimy and gruesome record is 15 tracks of primal terror in the tradition of the most sick and rotten bands from days of old: Repulsion, Autopsy, Nihilist, Napalm Death, Darkthrone and Massacre! Hundreds of bands imitate these legends, but very few can match the primitive sickness and authentically recreate the morbid vibe and sinister atmosphere that these classic bands emitted, but time and time again Machetazo masterfully succeed in the task of resurrecting the dark essence of this intangible and obscure practice. They are truly amongst the elite, and ‘Mundo Cripta' blends the most noxious elements of their formidable legacy: the filth-encrusted grooves and dirgey riffery of 'Carne de Cementerio', the rabid skin-flaying grind savagery of 'Trono de Huesos' and the doomed cryptic darkness and deathly occult metal of 'Sinfonias Del Terror Ciego' into a blasphemously putrid monolith that towers above all. ‘Mundo Cripta' is one of the most devastating records of the last decade and an horrific proclamation of total nihilistic unholiness!! .

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